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Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Sometimes Steam pisses me off. I have Crysis Warhead and that had 5 unrevokable installations. They put out a tool for it, but by the time they did I was out of activations and it wouldnt work with the last one I had. Far Cry 2 on Steam also had 5 limited installs.

I really wish nothing would have 3rd party through Steam - I'd be much happier. The Stalker debacle really put me off as I was outta keys within hours of buying it and being sent back and forth trying to get them to reset it. Apparently no one could - Steam finally just refunded me the money from it.

I ended up selling my Mirrors Edge retail and buying it through Steam since it had no 3rd party DRM. I still cant play Far Cry 2 or Warhead through Steam. Waiting for them to remove the DRM entirely.
How do you go through activations so fast?
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