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Default Re: Some bad news, About Win7 Upgrade

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
so when you trade in your car for a new one, you also keep both?

Upgrade is a trade off, old OS for new, if you bought full retail, then you can keep both.
Apples and oranges. The trade in of your car to a dealer to upgrade to a new one is completely different. A dealer is subsidizing your purchase by reselling your old car either as whole or for the parts towards the discount he applied to your purchase or upgrade for the new vehicle. With software that is not the case. The software is basically thrown in the trash so rather than just waste it like that MS should put it to some good use like helping make them look like a nicer corporation rather than one out to just grab your wallets. It also helps solve a minor problem with their users putting linux or other alternatives on older equipment and having them like the alternative choice better. Again these small advantages are gained for just giving back to the user the trash that MS would just throw away and it cost them nothing.

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