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Default Re: My Massive config Shootout *Long Thread is Long*


The first scene is standing on top of the radar jammer at the first bay after sunrise.

Key points of interest are the vegetation on the top left ledge, shadows on the side of the building where the bench is against the wall and shadows in the shaded area of the cliff face on the left.

Key config notes

- With the HP Reallifesys config, You can see that despite noticably more vegetation begin drawn up on the cliff, the shaded areas are far too dark. I found in the lower light scenes of the game, this config was practically unplayable.

- CCC's has noticably more shadow detail and about the same amount of vegetation as the Reallifesys config but WOW at the low framerate. This proved to be a common issue with the CCC config. Marginal image quality improvement at a huge FPS cost.

- Wingsformarie config is a textbook example of how NOT to do HDR but it may have intentionally been done this way. The SpeakR config wasn't far behind

- Despite a wider point of view, the Rexor Omega config had a shorter draw distance (but higher frame rate). While it wasn't noticable in this particular set, it made a fairly big impact on visual quality later on (though at that point in testing I had dumped it)


The second set was taken across the bay standing on the roof of the boat house looking at the small village. Key points of interest are the objects on the ground in the village (barrels), vegetation behind the village against the cliff wall, vegetation on the cliff just above the village

There was somewhat of an oddity that happend in this set. The RealLifesys shot had over the top HDR bloom but drawaing WAY more vegetation and higher FPS than any other config. I didn't notice it until I was comparing all the screenshots and thought it was wierd so I loaded that config up again and the

vegetation was gone and the HDR was back to semi normal. It was after seeing that extra vegetation that I started to play with vegetation drawing distance.

Key Config Notes

- Once again, reallifesys draws the most vegetation but suffers from entirely too dark shaded areas such as the cliff wall

- The MSTR config seems to draw a bit more objects in the distance but not as much vegetation.

- CCC's config seems to have much less shading of the vegetation on the cliff


The 3rd scene was short and I didn't get shots of all the configs. I just grabbed shots from a few key configs as at this point, I had begun whittling down which configs I knew I didn't want to work with any more.

Key points of interest are the rocks on the ground in direct sunlight, the blue sky on the left between the tree branches and the canopy shadows on the rocks

Key Config Notes

- CCC's config for the first time didn't win the lowest FPS award and looked quite good
- The Extreme config has noticably over done HDR and bloom going on.. apparent on the rocks and the blue glowing sky
- MSTR's config, despite having low res mountain side textures and no POM has lower FPS than the CCC config
- MSTR config also exhibits overly done HDR/Bloom
- X config, despite the highest FPS, shows something funky going on with the SSAO shading on the rock wall on the left side of the screen.


The fourth set was when I finally started to see what vegetation draw distance changes would do... draw not only vegetation but OBJECTS as well such as rocks and what not. This set was taken standing on a shed facing the gas station in the small town where the girl was rescued.

Key points of interest are the waterfall, rock wall face on the left, vegetation on and above the rock wall on the left and the distant objects just to the left of the excavation machine's arm.

Key Config notes

- The waterfall isn't visible in all of the shots. This one puzzled me for the longest time and (from what I've gathered) it has to deal with (again)

vegetation draw distance. The waterfall is visible up until a certain draw distance and then it mysteriously vanishes once you exceed a certain point. I don't beleive that ONLY veg draw distance is the culprit. I think it's a combination of a few different LOD settings becuase at one point in LOD

tweaking, I managed to get the spray of the water to totally disappear (at a high LOD setting which would typically yield better image quality).

- The object draw distance by the excavator arm is key here becuase despite the 2nd highest frame rate, my config at this point is the only one drawing all of these distant rocks. Veg draw distance is the key.

- Once again, HP's real lifesys config has too much shading and despite being one of the few drawing the waterfall, SOMETHING is taking a huge tax on the FPS.

Scene 5

The fifth scene was at the river basin just before going up the waterfall to meet Prophet.

Key points of interest are the rocks surrounding the waterfall, the shading of the left side of the hill where it splits one way to go to the waterfall and left to go another way. It's the shaded area on the left side of that small slope. Last point of interest is the distant tree line PAST the trees that are above the waterfall.

key config notes

- At this point, I introduced Kotlar's config. Comparing it to CCC6 which was noted that he based his config off this config is that they really look nothign alike... in fact, CCC's is different than the rest in that much more light is hitting surfaces such as rocks on the left of the small hill in the center of the screen and around the waterfall and less light penetrating the tree canopy to the ground below. I would naturally assuming this is due to

more foliage being drawn until noticing that several other configs are drawing about the same amount but with more light penetrating through the canopy.

- Yet again, Reallifesys takes the lowest FPS award as well as too much shading.

- Extreme config shows equal amounts of vegetation as CCC but with noticably darker shaded areas. FPS penalty is evident for this extra foliage.

- mine is the only one drawing the trees up over teh waterfall trees... though in this scene, it's not really a big deal.

Scene 6

The 6th scene was taken overlooking the river by the helicopter base in late afternoon sunlight. I chose this area becuase the player is facing direct sun and there is heavily shaded terrain all around and I wanted to see how the various configs handled this.

Key points of interest are the shaded areas of the cliffs, the trees to the top of the cliff on the right and the vegetation at the waters edge at the base of the cliff on the right.

Key Config Notes

- Both HP configs and teh Extreme config have the mountain immediately in front of the player and in the distance to the right totally blacked out

- For once CCC's config is missing a great deal of vegetation.. most noticably lacking at the base of the cliff on the right.

- Gaco and CCC render the scene virtually identically.

- Mine has the highest FPS and maintains near top image quality showing light details on the shaded cliff surfaces and vegetation at the waters edge below the cliff to the right.

Scene 7

The final scene so far in the testing is overlooking the harbor in the early morning just after sunrise.

Key points of interest are the surfaces of the rocks that are recieving direct sunlight, the distant face of the mountain and the shadows the trees and rocks on the island on the far right of the screen are casting.

key config notes

- Mine is the only config showing some trees and color on the distant mountain face

- Extreme config has the most light hitting the rocks and aside from mine is the ONLY one with any light hitting the rocks in the island in the center of the screenshot.

- Extreme and FRPC config are the only ones showing light and shading from sunlight on the bunker area to the far left and the only 2 showing light hitting the grassy area on the far right island.

- Shadows are too pronounced with Extreme config for the shadows on the island to the far right

- CCC config is most washed out of all the configs

- Mine has highest FPS again
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