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Default Running redhat 9, trouble fixing an rpm error

I installed the rpm with the updated drivers for Redhat, for kernel 2.4.20 but it had errors. I went to remove the rpm and it said, 'rpm not installed'. So I tried to reinstall the rpm, and it reported the rpm is already installed. I checked the redhat website and they keep telling me to use the package manager. That won't help, seeing as Redhat can't even make up its mind whether the RPM is there or not. I need help, or I'm going back to the dark side...nah. But I would like some help. thanks.

oh ya, if it matters, I'm running the Asus A7N8X Deluxe, the rpm was to try to get my ethernet card working so I could get DSL to work. and it was copied from an NTFS hd...cus I can't get onto the net to put it on my ext3 hd...

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