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Default Re: Some bad news, About Win7 Upgrade

Originally Posted by OrangeBlast View Post
Wait a minute here.....

I currently have the full version of Vista Ultimate, I purchased it when it released. According to what your saying here....Vista Ultimate can only be upgraded to W7 Ultimate? I purchased the upgrade version of W7 Professional. I saw no reason to purchase the Ultimate upgrade, it features things I have no use for, infact I was contemplating canceling it and just getting Home Premium.

So...according to what your saying here is that W7 Ultimate can only be installed if you have Vista Ultimate.....that doesn't make sense. Why can't W7 Pro be upgraded from Vista Ultimate???

This is so confusing....almost upsetting. I just want the Full version....or something, this is retarded.
You could wipe your drive of Vista and install the Win 7RC. I read that Microsoft stated you could upgrade to the finished Win 7 from the Win 7 RC.
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