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Default Re: WZOR reports 6.1.7600.16384.win7_rtm.090710-1945

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227 View Post
I think Windows 7 is for people with crappy computer cause apparently acts differenty then Vista. Those people in my opinion should not run Windows 7 nor Windows Vista at first place.
Windows 7 is alot better than Vista. Sorry but you just sound like a bitter Vista owner.

Windows 7 is a great OS and runs on "older" computers - all the PCs that Vista was too bloated for. I have it running on a 2.4Ghz 1GB ram laptop that Vista pretty much choked. I have Windows 7 running on a EeePC 900a Netbook that again, Vista choked. Just cause you feel Vista runs good on your machine doesn't mean Vista runs good. Trust me Windows 7 runs alot better, even on the overclocked quad with 8GB of ram (system in my sig).

The last comment you made was just stupid. So people with a PC that runs XP fine shouldn't be able to upgrade their OS?? Windows 7 will succeed where Vista failed for the simple fact that now millions of "crappy computer" owners will be able to purchase a new operating system. Its not just all about you.
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Oh, if the whole world had only one neck for me to squeeze in my hands...
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