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Default Re: WZOR reports 6.1.7600.16384.win7_rtm.090710-1945

leak was compiled on the 10th, they could have compiled few more builds in that time.

16384 leaked, there is also 16385 out there that we know of.

there is no proof that 16384 is the FINAL FINAL RTM

even your buddy wzor,

Когда ревизия кода прекратится тогда наконец и будет собран тот единствен-ный "золотой код" Windows 7, и тогда в финале всех WIN7_RTM сборок мы все увидим нечто вроде этой сборки: 7600.18000, или этого 7600.19000.,
says that the FINAL FINAL RTM will have build around 7600.18000 or 7600.19000
Windows 8 the next big failure, right after Windows ME
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