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Default Re: Vista 64 ultimate BSOD after SP2 upgrade

Originally Posted by kaptkarl View Post
Well I fixed the BSOD. Looks like it turned out to be a software issue after all. That was my first gut feeling. I flashed my mobo BIOS w/ the latest update and that seemed to do the trick. Evidently my old mobo BIOS did not like the new vista SP2 upgrade. I ran the Prime95 utility for 6 straight hours without a hiccup....not one error. As you guys all know Prime95 really tests your pc....CPU, memory, and mobo. My temps never reached critical levels during the testing...and that's with a CPU OC of 3.5Mhz!!

I just played Crysis for 1 1/2hrs and also ran the benchmarks...all with my vid card OC'd as well. Absolutely no errors, crashes or video corruption.

I have a lean, mean, screaming machine again!! hehe Here's my OC's:

CPU - defaults at 2.8Mhz - Stable at 3.5Mhz w/ my custom cooler - 25% OVERCLOCK!!
GPU - Defaults are : Core 575Mhz - Stable @706Mhz - 22% OVERCLOCK!!
Shader 1276Mhz - Stable @1522Mhz - 19% OVERCLOCK!!
Memory 1000Mhz - Stable @ 1101Mhz - 10% OVERCLOCK

I think these numbers are incredible considering it's all on air cooling! Not stock air cooling, but air cooling none the less. I'm a happy camper.

Nice. Thanks for the info. Sorry we couldn't help more.
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