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Default Re: Your favorite game engines?

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
I think the engine is poorly optimised. You try running it on a lower end PC (even one comparable to a PS3/X360 in spec) and it will look FAR worse. The graphics degrade too dramatically when the specs of the machine are lowered to consider it properly optimised.

I think give too much credit to the engine... it requires too high of specs for what its accomplishing.
It's NOT poorly optimized they just released the game TOO SOON. they built tomorrows engine and gave it to the public before the hardware was ready.

There are plenty of systems these days that can run the game at very generous detail levels and maintain a healthy FPS.... I'm running it with detail settings beyond what the developers coded into the very high settings mode and still maintain mid 30's~40's FPS.

If they had waited until now to release it, the game wouldn't have received NEARLY as much complaining about it running slow.

The problem is that for the first time in gaming history (to my knowledge) the gaming public was given a game that no current hardware on the market was capable of rendering fluidly at max detail settings (And Crytek TOLD us this would be the case) but us being stubborn, refused to listen and like the greedy bastards we are, we ALL want to run ALL our games at max settings and we want the FPS to be pegged at the Vsync rate the entire time.. And until Crysis came out, we more or less had that luxury. IF a new game came out and we had sluggish performance, there WAS a hardware upgrade capable of rendering said game at full details.

The cryengine was just a rude awakening that a lot of us weren't prepared for simply because we had never been put into that type of scenario where we couldn't buy more FPS and (at the time of its release) it was expensive just to get mediocre frame rates.

Now, you can buy a card that can deliver great FPS with the cryengine and the community has more or less tweaked the engine (another great thing about the cryengine) to deliver the visuals of very high settings but the frame rates of lower settings.

The cryengine is what gives PC gamers raging hard erections. Visuals, customizations, a killer editor, etc..
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