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Default Re: Timetable in MySQL

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Sure, but you don't expect to have more than 12 hour shifts right? So a simple function to subtract the times should be pretty easy.
By itself a single shift is no biggie. The problem resides in the number of Tutors/Students that the system will manage. We're talking about something like 200 students and 50 tutors. Take into account the number of days in a week and say 12 hour "shifts", and you get approximately

200*50*7*12 = 840,000 records!!!!!

I could index it by user ID, but still, searching though all those records will prove to be taxing for the database manager.

EDIT: You could also try storing all start/end times as the number of seconds. Then a subtraction would be easy and converting back to the time could be done with a simple function as well.
Could do that as well. Guess I'll look into the specifics once I'm developing, but for now it's good to have the general idea of what to do.
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