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Default Re: Top 10 Game Engines

Meh, polygon 3d environments have been done for along time now, and have also been impressive for about as much time.

I belive it wasn't until catacomb 3-d where bitmaps were used on walls and such. I can't really say polygons here because catacomb, wolf3d, and doom use no polygons.

Doom was definetly the perfection of what wolf3d ultimately started (go go vga graphics!) , but I think quake gets more acclaim for being a) true 3d, b) extremely customizable to your pc, c) amazingly user configurable engine, d) quakeworld's initial plan for online gaming is just about how we still do it today.

It also gets kudos for finally giving hardware companies to make 3d accelerators. Imagin how much suck we would be in now if 3dfx failed. We would be playing tekken 1 NOW.
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