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Default Re: Fallout: New Vegas Announced

I guess I'm in the minority. I absolutely got addicted to Oblivion and though I finished the main quest and all but a few of the smaller side quests I still have my save-game in the hopes ti finish everything (and on the outside chance there still might be something else released for it).

I picked up FALLOUT 3 as soon as it was released and it sat for weeks before I decided to dig into it. It was slow to get my attention, but once it did I loved it. I agree the main quest was WAY too short and the ceiling on leveling up is a big no-no and sucked some of the fun out of it...but there are some expansions slated for Fall release for the PS3 (already out for XBox I think) so I'll go back to a previous save game and finish some of the side quests as well as play through the new content.

I'm a diehard pc gamer and spend 95% of my pc time in flight sims, but an occasional RPG on a console is fun.
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