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Default Ubuntu 9.04 with K7N420 Pro - Unable to adjust Display Resolution


I have installed the above version of Ubuntu on my old PC Spec as dual boot with XP:

MSI Mainboard K7N420 Pro.
Processor: AMD Athlon 1700 XP.
512MB RAM.

My PC was originally supplied with Win 98SE installed, in 2007 I did a "clean Install" of Win XP and it currently has SP3 running Ok.

I have no issues with Ethernet,Sound,Keyboard,USB Ports and mouse. But despite trying ALL of the Open Source Drivers I cannot get the System to reconise my 17" LCD Monitor. It is shown as "Unknown" and Display Resolution will not go above 800x600.

It is NOT a monitor issue as I have tried the same monitor with VGA leads with a borrowed Tower that is about 1 year old with this version of Ubuntu...Monitor is reconised ok with Resolution adjustable up to the Max Resolution of the monitor spec.

It would appear from my posts/replies on the Ubuntu Forum that my onboard graphics which are basically nForce 1 series are no longer supported?. Looking on the Main Nividia Website there are Linux nForce Drivers for the Audio side of my Mainboard, but no mention of the onboard graphics.

Has anybody in the forum had a similiar experience and managed to come up with a solution, I do not mind editing xorg.conf a bit, assuming I can get what I believe is a driver issue sorted out.
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