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Originally posted by Sotos
Lets face it

Matrox was never good with games

It was never a competitive company for 3d (games) compared to ATI and Nvidia...Their hardware never reccomended dor games

As a proffesional card is good but for 3d games always SUCKED in stability\performance and with these really big price tags for their hardware

WTF you on about !?!?
Back in the day of Directx 6 to Directx 7 cards, they were very competitive with G400MAX, and that was one of the first card to expliot the importance of high memory bandwidth. There were not much issues with games compare to Rage Pro at the time. You can not say never when they were once competitive. In fact, ATi only came to gaming scene when they first introduce the Radeon (R100), the Rage Fury Maxx and Rage Pro before that are a piece of crap.

Matrox sucks when they don't bother with the demands in gaming market then introduce the Parhelia which was delay for about 1 1/2 years.
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