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Default Re: Whats the chance I can get away using a GTX285

Originally Posted by XDanger View Post
Buying a graphics card now that wont be able to reach its full potential until a year later would be a mistake, You would be throwing money away.

3ghz wont help much.

I'd sell the 320mb GTS (if you can) and get a cheap 9600gt or something in the meantime until you upgrade the rig.

You can actually skip DDR2 ,I'm impressed.
A 3ghz opty is right on par with an E6600. It's a little slower than our oc'ed quads but in most cases it isn't going to hold you down so far that you can play anything.

A 9600GT would be a lateral move from an 8800GTS 320MB card. I have a 9600GT KO running at 700mhz and it is slower than both a stock 8800GTS 512MB and an 8800GT 660mhz.
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