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Default Re: Need Advice for GTX260

GTX260s will run hot unless u have fans blowing directly on the card. My card idles at 50 Degrees Celsius in 3d mode using dual screens. It's locked in 3d mode in dual view mode. Anyway i have it unclocked to 310/648 i believe in the 3d profile and fan at 45% (hardly noticable). Anyway at default 3d clocks @ 621-1296-1080 u can run 60% fan and stay under 70 degrees celsius. Overclocked to 710-1458-1250 I run 90% fan to keep it under 70 and achieve around 10+fps difference from default clocks. The memory clock is what made the biggest difference in 3dmark vantage. By the way i'm running MSI OC GTX260.
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