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Default Re: Only 50 TF2 items?

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
I have been deleting stuff for almost a month now. When you get a new item and don't have room it lets you know in game, and you can delete a dup then.

There are now weapon levels now, and no one is sure what valve is planning with that so keep that in mind when deleting dups.

If you guys want unlocks, but don't want to actually play TF2/ you're bored of it. Try out this link. All you do, is click the link, then download the small app, make sure you're in steam/ steam friends. Then make sure you aren't playing TF2, after that, double click on steam stats. And it will simulate you playing, without actually playing, isn't that AWESOME. I leave it open over night, and I get unlocks while I sleep. There link is here

For some reason, I can't see the download page, if you want be to upload it, then I will. This app won't get you vac banned, and it won't steal your account info.

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