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Default Tips on migrating to x64?

I am planning on migrating from Vista 32 to Vista 64, and am looking for any tips.
I have my C drive with quite a few programs (and games with all the mods and patches that go with them) that would be a pain to re-install/download them - I can't imagine the process taking less than an entire weekend.

One thing I do have on my side is a huge amount of reserve disk space on a 1TB external. My idea is to simply copy a huge portion of my C:/program files folder onto the external, and also the accompanying registry keys from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Then of course, after the new OS is running, it should just be a matter of copying back over the programs/games and adding back in the saved reg keys. Has anyone ever tried this before and did it work well?

Finally, if anyone knows good software that can do what I am describing in a less painful way, then please do tell.
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