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Default Re: Only 50 TF2 items?

Originally Posted by albokid2468 View Post

If you guys want unlocks, but don't want to actually play TF2/ you're bored of it. Try out this link. All you do, is click the link, then download the small app, make sure you're in steam/ steam friends. Then make sure you aren't playing TF2, after that, double click on steam stats. And it will simulate you playing, without actually playing, isn't that AWESOME. I leave it open over night, and I get unlocks while I sleep. There link is here

For some reason, I can't see the download page, if you want be to upload it, then I will. This app won't get you vac banned, and it won't steal your account info.

Just read
lol if valve wants they will pick this up and and ban u.

i wouldn't use anything like this.
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