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Default Re: 5.25" Psu To Power System + Gtx260?

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
Unfortunately there is no such thing. You could try to relocate your current PSU into the bay area on it's side, but you'd probably be just as far ahead to get a different case.

The build quality on the few 5 1/4" PSUs that are on the market isn't all that great, and they simply cannot power very much. Some of them might not even handle a GTX 260.
Do you have of any Microatx power supplies that are 5 1/4" that have at least 38 amps of the 12V line? I've been looking at this power supply. It has 4 12V Lines @ 8.5A = 32Amps and it's 550W microatx psu but i believe it looks as though it maintains standard ATX width, which is an issue. Otherwise i believe it could power my system including the GTX260...

This is looks very good. Only 350W but with Dual 12V Lines @ 18A = 36Amps I believe it wouldn't have a problem powering the GTX260. It's also a Standard typical MicroATX dimension PSU.
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