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Default Re: GTX 295, please help!!!

Originally Posted by angusyoung View Post
Hey guys I ll try to be as quick as possible!

I just bought BFG gtx 295 AND haveing some major problems plaing age of conan.
On high settings I get like 15 - 20 FPS.
On the older gtx 285 I get 30 - 60 FPS.

I have tested GTX295 in Crysis thou and it is 2x faster than 285... also in 3d mark vantage is much faster so the problem is not in gpu.

I have heard something about enabeling both GPUS on gtx 295 or something...

sorry for bad english, Im from Europe

Two things first, ensure SLI mode is on. You can do that in the nvidia control panel.

2nd, please check which DX mode you are on. DX10 while purdy looking, eats FPS. Make sure you are on dx9 mode.

I tend to use DX9 mode and its still visually stunning.

I have 295, and I game at 1920 by 1200 res with 4X AA and nearly everything maxed except I have SSAO disabled in game and in NV control panel which gives me acceptable fps.

Around Old Tarantia I get ...30-50 or fps i believe. In dungeons your FPS should be sky rocketing (over 100). In RAIDs where there are many particle effects your FPS will go down a little bit but, still should be high enough.

You will get low FPS in areas such as Potain where there is a lot of grass. Rendering grass is 295's weakness here.

Also ensure that if you have a multi core system, ensure you have enabled multi core mode, you can do so by pressing "ctrl_alt+c", check by looking at fps "ctrl+alt+f". This game takes advatage of an extra core i should fps rise anyway from 10-30% when multi core mode is enabled.
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