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Default Re: TechNet Plus Direct

The keys are full installs and no time bombs. It is regular software just like everyone else gets. The difference between technet and retail is licensing. The reason you are allowed to run any copy of Windows and office is because you are evaluating and testing the software. You can evaluate it as long as you need to but you cannot transfer your copies to anyone else. The software is only for the user who buys the subscription. The retail version you can sell or give to someone if you get rid of the pc, any technet installs you cannot. Also, you wouldn't be allowed to use technet for a business, but retail installs you could.

So if you want something for personal use to test all of the goodies there is no better way than technet. I run Server 03 and Server 08, XP, Vista, Office 07, MS SQL and a few other things from my subscription. By evaluating the software before it even comes out I can use my personal knowledge to my advantage at work. If you think about it this is were MS really shines with Technet. I'm much more inclined to suggest MS products over other competitors because I know how it works.
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