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Default Re: 5.25" Psu To Power System + Gtx260?

Originally Posted by chris89 View Post
Do you have of any Microatx power supplies that are 5 1/4" that have at least 38 amps of the 12V line? I've been looking at this power supply. It has 4 12V Lines @ 8.5A = 32Amps and it's 550W microatx psu but i believe it looks as though it maintains standard ATX width, which is an issue. Otherwise i believe it could power my system including the GTX260...

This is looks very good. Only 350W but with Dual 12V Lines @ 18A = 36Amps I believe it wouldn't have a problem powering the GTX260. It's also a Standard typical MicroATX dimension PSU.
That 550W PSU might be a decent one. I don't have any microATX PSUs though. That 350W PSU isn't going to cut it for a quad core and a GTX 260. I'd say that 550W is about as small as you'd want to go with that configuration, maybe a 500W from a name brand.

EDIT: I'm not sure what's up the the 12V rail configuration. I'd be concerned about having enough power on each rail for a device. 1 rail is going to be just CPU, and that puts it at ~100W for the cpu. I'm not so sure a quad core is going to work properly on such a small rail. You'd also have 2 rails dedicated for the GPU, and the last rail would be the other devices. I probably wouldn't recommend that supply for your configuration either.
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