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Default Re: GTX 280 Mixed Vendor SLI

Just put the lowest clock GTX 280 in and overclock it to what the other one is clocked to and run all the benchmark tests to make sure it is stable at the faster speed and if it is ,put your fastest one in the first slot and the slower one in the secound slot so they both will run at the faster speed.I bought a BFG GTX 280 OCX that was clocked at 660/1458/2400,but when I bought my other one I bought the cheaper BFG that was default clocked at 602/1296/2214 and I had no problem getting it to run at 660/1458/2400 ,in fact the two other ones I bought would overclock even higher.Most XFX cards will overclock pretty good or at least the ones I have bought have.I bought a cheap XFX 8800GT 600/1500/1800 and it overclocked to 780/1950/2200.You can find some good deals right now on the GTX 280 and they are good cards,most of them are a$100 cheaper then the GTX 285 and IMO the GTX 285 is not worth a $100 more,unless you already have a GTX 285 and you are going to SLI.Sure the GTX 285 uses a little less power but don't really run no cooler.
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