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Default Nvidia Drivers failed to load GTX280. Tri-Sli

I am running the latest beta drivers : 190.38

Occasionally, from a cold boot windows will not load my drivers and one display is not used, while the other main display shows windows in 16-bit as if I have no driver.

I go into device manager and my first two GTX 280s are listed. However, my last one was read as a GTX 295? When I click them it says " Driver failed to load ".

I will have to reboot numerous times before they finally load. Sometimes I will get a 00000050 BSOD.

After a while they load no problem, system runs flawlessly.

Does this have to do with me running dual monitors on Tri-SLi?

Has anyone had this issue?

I've tried reinstalling windows. This is the ONLY driver i've installed on this windows installation ever. The problem stopped for a bit while I had reinstalled but has now returned.

I am using a DFI X58 UT MB
W3520 Xeon Processor
6GB of Corsair Dominator GT CL8 ( I've tried several other memory modules. G.Skill Trident and Corsair Dominator CL9 1866. The problem still occurs with these. )
1200 watt PCP&C PSU
Three GTX 280s in Tri-SLi.
EVGA 790I Ultra SLi
QX9770 @ 4.0ghz (1.475 vcore)
8GB of Corsair XMS3 1440mhz 9-9-9-24 (2.0 volts)
2 Velociraptors drives in Raid 0
1 Blu-ray/HD-DVD SATA drive
Apple 30"
Reserator XT.
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