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Default Re: My Massive config Shootout *Long Thread is Long*

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
looks good man yeah that's about 2 fps lower than mine... so good to know it's consistent.

I have no idea hy the eye adaptation is reverting back to .55

I may try and copy/paste it in again at the bottom of the config to see if that makes any difference. I didn't see it in any of the other CVAR config files.
Whoa my benches are 2 fps lower than yours on a single gtx 275? Did I read that correctly? (1920x1200 4xAA all very high, loaded up crysis to set the settings in-game "than" applied your config on top of it).

Also I removed your config to try out lifesis and I hated it, I had to uninstall and re-apply your config immediately! Will this config work in Warhead as well? I need to give it a try later this afternoon.
Great job on the config, i'm loving it.
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