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Default Re: My Massive config Shootout *Long Thread is Long*

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
that's what I'm wondering if it will work in warhead as well. i'm betting it will work just fine.

regarding my own bechmarks, yeah I ran them 1900X1200 W/no AA and it averages high 30's. I use the standard GPU benchmark crytek provides.
I'll test with Warhead tonight. I just downloaded some of the levels other users suggested in the Crysis Mods/Maps thread so i'll be doing some more testing. I wonder how well your config will scale at lower settings.

I'm building an SFF box for my dad to game on (his x2/7800gtx rig is a bit outdated). So i'm getting him a Sugo SG05, C2D 8400 (or C2D 7400 and overclocked), 4gb, zotac 9300 and not sure what gpu yet. I was thinking either a 9800GT or GTS 250 (looking to keep this "cheap").
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