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If your system is an Nforce2 based motherboard with built-in ethernet, then you will probably need to download the platform drivers. Then install the nvnet driver to get ethernet working.

If you've already done that or you are using an add-in ethernet card, RH probably found it ok and has loaded the drivers. Quick check by /sbin/ifconfig and see if there is an entry for eth0. If yes then you need to configure the network.

Use the RH network tools. I don't remember if they have a pppoe tool built in or not. I bring that up because, in the States, many aDSL vendors use pppoe to get the IP address and nameserver information. Some use standard ethernet DHCP through the modem. I can't read Dutch so the Planet Internet's site didn't help me understand the way they have it set up.

So, check /do the following:
  • Check that your ethernet card is working
  • Check your ISP to see if they use DHCP or pppoe, if they use pppoe, the Roaring Penguin PPPoE client worked well for me.
  • Activate DHCP or pppoe as needed. Configuration for DHCP is available in RH network tools. rp-pppoe has instructions for pppoe.
  • Give it a go and see if it works.

Hope this helps point the way to get your aDSL working ;-) Good luck
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