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Default Re: Steam Weekend Deal (7/17) - Brothers in Arms 50-60% off!

I picked this up over the weekend as well... I wasn't sure what I'd think of them as I'm not a huge fan of micro-managing troops while I'm also battling for my life, but after having already finished the first one, I'm pleasantly surprised.

The graphics haven't held out that well, but the gameplay and audio (edit: by audio I mean the gun sounds) are excellent. I didn't really get into the story as much as I'd hoped... I sort of got what was happening, but I didn't get that attached to the characters as they are mostly anonymous in battle saying the same standard thing over and over. Even Left 4 Dead characters have more flushed out in-game dialogue - I actually care that Francis hates vans, but I couldn't care when a buddy died.

Still, I have high hopes for the other two (especially the latest with all the great combat plus graphics).
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