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Default Re: VDPAU error "NNNN 60 5", "NNNN 58 5", and "NNNN 43 5"

This message is for users experiencing the following error codes with drivers up to and including 185.18.14:

"NNNN 43 5"
Including users: DeiF, vinbiz, saly, cocos, mtessier

And most likely also the following error code (although this is not confirmed yet; we have yet to directly test hardware displaying these symptoms):

"NNNN 58 5"
Including users: opiz, Teme, moliones, reno31

However, we do NOT believe it refers to the following error code, which we have not yet reproduced:

"NNNN 60 5"
Including users: forsgump, Morkl, bluebenno, amok404

If VDPAU emits the above error messages on a GPU which was labelled or specified as supporting PureVideo (please also check the VDPAU documentation in the 190.xx README), one possible reason is a board hardware defect. After ruling out any other software or hardware problems, NVIDIA recommends returning the GPU to the manufacturer for a replacement.

Note that drivers before up to and including 185.18.14 will emit the error codes above, and will return VDP_STATUS_ERROR (25) when calling either vdp_device_create_x11() ("NNNN 43 5") or VdpDecoderCreate() ("NNNN 58 5"). Drivers after 185.18.14 have been modified to detect this problem more specifically. On affected boards, VPDAU will now return VDP_STATUS_NO_IMPLEMENTATION (1) when calling vdp_device_create_x11(), and emit a varying (version-specific) debug error code "0 NNNN" instead of those listed above. Note that not all debug error codes of that form indicate this problem.

Notes to users who believe they are affected by this issue: Please install 185.18.14, set environment variable VDPAU_NVIDIA_DEBUG=3, run a VDPAU application, and record the VPDAU debug error message that is printed, the VDPAU function that is failing, and the error code it returns. Then, upgrade to a newer driver and perform the same experiment. If the VDPAU debug error message, failing function, and function error code change in the way described in the previous paragraph, you are most likely affected by this problem. If you need help interpreting the error messages, please post the error messages (from both driver versions), along with an nvidia-bug-report, to this forum thread, and an NVIDIA engineer will validate the information.
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