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Default Re: GFWL - exceeded key usage. MS's DRM in your DRM infected PC Games

Originally Posted by RAY16 View Post
GFWL keys are currently stored client-side in your AppData folder. So long as you don't format/reinstall windows or delete the GFW AppData folder you shouldn't have to enter the key on subsequent installs.

However, I believe GFWL version 3 due out later this summer will actually tie keys to your account server-side. No word on if this change will be retroactive or if it'll only apply to games released after the update becomes available.
that is true

keys are stored in this folder
C:\Users\<<<User_name>>>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\X Live\Titles

key is encrypted in Token.bin file, delete the file and game will ask you agan for CD-Key when you try to connect to live.

as long as you don't reinstall every month you will be fine. you can reinstall the game on the same PC as many times as you want, as long as that token.bin matches your windows installation. When Token.bin is present and is valid, game or live will not ask for the cd-key again.

I had Flatout Ultimate Carnage retail, then I bought Flatout Ultimate Carnage on steam. Uninstalled the retail version, and ran the steam version, LIVE never asked for CD-Key, because it was still using the Token.bin from the retail version. Then I deleted the token.bin file ran the steam verison again and entered the Steam CD-Key.

Retail copy I gave to a friend, and he installed it with no trouble.
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