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Default Re: Game development funded by customers?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
This is very interesting...

I think this is a fantastic idea. A platform like Steam would be absolutely perfect for indy developers to pitch their ideas to the masses in hopes of getting support (financial or otherwise) from the community to fund the development of games that might otherwise never see the light of day.

If they could put together a good system for this, I think it could potentially change the PC gaming market significantly.

Imagine if all of the interesting projects we've seen over the years had a few thousand or even a few hundred thousand dollars of funding? Not only would we see more indy games, and better quality indy games, we'd see small developers and interesting games being picked up by publishers and brought to a larger market.

I'd gladly help a development team fund an interesting or unique project. Especially if they gave an early alpha demo or something to show that they know what they're doing.
I think it could work but it would have to be well structured something like:

- Customers sign up for donating money, something like pledging an athelete for charity, so you pledge a company say $20. Company doesn;t get the money, the money is held.
- The company specifies a fairly short time frame and needs to be able to produce the game in sections or episodes. So for a game like Crysis, you'd get the game in 1 hour chunks.
- If the development team is 50% over their budgeted timeline, the public gets to either get their money back or vote to extend the dead line.
- Once an episode or section of the game is released the public pays the company what they pledged... maybe the money goes into a 3rd party trust fund or something similar...

This would make it very hard for scammers to succeed and would hold the company accountable. I think for this also to be successful the company would need to have at least a fair amount of the basic game engine created or be using an existing engine modded/redefined...

Could be a cool business model though... most people didn;t think Steam would succeed....


ps. how many people would pledge $10, to see an hour of Project Offset released next month...
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