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Default Re: Microsoft opened its source - how about nVidia?

Originally Posted by thefirstm View Post
All M$ released was code to make Linux run faster being virtualized on Windows. Why in the world would anyone want to do that? Why not just run Linux natively on the hardware?
For any of the hundred reasons any one would want to virtualize anything. There's tons of excellent reasons to run virtual machines. I'll leave it for anyone to Google the reasons. Can you run 10 instances of Linux on a single x86 machine without virtualization?

Linux runs particularly well as a virtual machine, and Microsoft is trying to push some of their own virtualization products. Thus the release of Linux drivers to improve the performance of a Linux VM running on a Microsoft hypervisor.

Microsoft didn't really make any noteworthy open source moves here. They needed to release drivers for Linux, and the only way to get them in the kernel tree is to give them a compatible license (GPL). So that leads me back to the original argument, if Microsoft can release GPL drivers without a binary blob, why can't NVidia? I'm willing to bet that locked in Nvidia's binary blob is some intellectual property that they do not have exclusive rights to give up, even if they wanted.
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