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Default Re: Windows 7 Technet just pushed back!!

If you look around from some of the sources that have been very reliable through this entire process, they are saying that 7600.16385 is the final RTM build. Just because Microsoft has not announced RTM yet does not mean the build is not complete. This post came from user wguimb, who has been very reliable in the information given so far:

"I think you all will all be surprised when you find out Windows 7 was signed off on last week. The O'Neil guy let it out before the official announcement. Microsoft and certain partners knew it was declared as final last Saturday. You can't keep something like this under wraps, but they did a pretty good job IMHO. Many of you are already running the final bits now.

Edit: It was assembled on July 13th, tested the 14th to the 18th, signed off on Saturday July 18th. "

Also, it is likely that a recompile of the code would mean another round of testing and having to pass vote. If you notice on the latest post on the Windows 7 Blog, they do not specifically come out and say that the leaked 7600.16385 build is not RTM. The first post that was made after 7600.16384 leaked claimed that the leaked RTM build was NOT the final RTM. In this most recent post, Brandon simply stated that there is no new information on RTM. It seems logical that if 7600.16385 was signed off, that is the code that will be released as RTM.

mailman2, what do you mean by leftover beta tags? I'm not quite sure I understand. Where did you get your information that 17000 or 18000 would be the final RTM build? I know that WZOR was speculating that they could see them doing something like that prior to having any information regarding the sign-off vote. It doesn't make sense that they would recompile just to round the build substring up to a number like 17000 or 18000 -- they didn't do so with vista. 6000.16386.061101-2205 was what was signed-off and what was delivered as RTM.

Edit: Posted today --

7600.16385 is the final build number
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