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Default Re: EA Account Registration

I've had the same problems. Accidentally registered a booster pack for Battlefield 2 under my profile instead of my sons. Simply wanted them to deactivate it so I could register. I moved the CD copy to his machine and wanted to add the downloaded booster packs. Wanted to use the complete collection that was downloaded on my system. No go.

I registered the complete collection under my profile. Guess what, they deactivated that by mistake.

We want to have matching setups so we can play each other.

This is the worst game registration process I have ever scene and the worst customer service of any company I have ever worked with in 24 years of computer experience.

Most of the time, they are giving me the run-around and I can tell they are not truly reading my responses on my support thread question. Plus, I have to have 2 online ID's according to them and I have no idea why. What's even worse is that their wonderful download manager causes systems errors and will not recognize any profile or ID to activate at all!!! had to manually activate what I could finally get to run.

We may or may not get this to work, but I will never buy another game from EA.
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