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Default Re: Issues with Dual Screen on Thinkpad W700ds & Linux

Originally Posted by desperadus View Post
Well, that "broken monitor" of mine is really the secondary display to a brand new Thinkpad worth $4500 and being quoted as officially supported for Linux & NVIDIA.
Broken as in, not working according to the EDID spec etc. You'll find alot of hardware that doesn't work according to spec and therefor have problems with Linux. Just look up ACPI DSDT on google. Anyway this is a problem which should mainly be fixed by the manufacture with a BIOS update or so. If I were you I would perhaps try and contact IBM about this, atleast to make them aware that their laptop does not work perfectly with Linux. Did you get the laptop with Linux pre-installed? Did that pre-install work with the secondary monitor?

If they sell the laptop with a pre-installed linux, then they should also have config files which works with this setup.
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