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Default Re: It's changed now

Originally posted by wv6u
I reinstalled the old kernel source from the 8.2
CD and did
cd /usr/src/linux
make cloneconfig && make dep

SH NVIDIA-Linux...etc

It did install the drivers this time.
Then I used SaX2 to enable 3d support but things still do not work right. When I bring up a
3D program such as Tux Racer it acts like it is doing it for a long time then stops without any error message. It just won't start the program.

In the earlier step after installed the old kernel source, when I went to YsST2 to update it as the instructions say to, it tried to install a new kernel which is what got me into this mess in the first place. I am at a point now where I am not crashing xterm every 5 minutes but things are still not right. Back to the drawing board. Suggestions are welcome.

The odd thing about YaST2 installing a new kernel is that a new kernel does not appear to be one of the choices. I don't get a chance to say NO.
I started sax2 with the "-s" option and this works for me. When you do and sax2 starts, it will show you a default setting. Dont accept that, but go to configure and check the settings for yourself. If am not mistaken, and the driver installed correctly, you should NOT be able to disable 3d. Corrrect me if am wrong ...

In yast2 online-update, check the box that says: "Include installed patches" and you should be able to see them.
If you need any help installing the vid drivers with a new kernel or a self compiled one, let me know and I'll tell you how I installed it here on a self compiled kernel.

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