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without looking at performance ,but only at imagequality
the biggest diference between Nvidia cineFx in Nv3x and
Radeon9700 is in the maximun Pixel shaders colors precision and not in vertex shaders.

Both cards RADeon9700 and Nv30 support up to 128bits internal colors ,
but only Nv30 support true 128 bits all times ,all the way to the framebuffer ..
while radeon9700 only do 96bits ...

Nv30 can do much longer pixel shader programs in a single pass
without a loss in image quality .
Nv30 can keep the precision all the way at 128bits! its is much more flexible ,more accurate and more powerfull in its pixel shaders ..

a side note ATi demos used 64bits , very rare ,maybe it was too slow when using more than 64bits colors presision .

Ati cannot claim real time cinematic quality at least not with
what they have show in their tech demos ,even the Lord of the ring demo was far by a mile from the real movie .

thats why im real interested to see Nv30 CineFX in action
maybe this means nothing in the near future for us gamers ,but
for the profesional 3d artist Nv30 could mean heaven on earth ..

this next table shows the key diferences between ati and Nvidia
directX9 cards ..

i think JC comments in Nvidia CIneFx's presentation say its all..

"Nvidia is the first of the consumer graphics companies to firmly understand what is going to be happening with the convergence of consumer realtime and professional offline rendering. The architectural decision in the NV30 to allow full floating point precision all the way to the framebuffer and texture fetch , instead of just in internal paths , is a good example of far sighted planning. It has been obvious to me for some time how things are going to come together, but Nvidia has made moves on both the technical and company strategic fronts that are going to accelerate my timetable over my original estimations.

My current work on Doom is designed around what was possible on the original Geforce, and reaches an optimal implementation on the NV30 . My next generation of work is designed around what is made possible on the NV30."


Wow! .YOu never know ,but i have never seen JC so entusiast and optimistic by any new tecnology since Geforce3 ,when in the past he stated that any Gamedeveloper should run!! and buy one!! hehe
my all time favorite quote ever made ,indeed..

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