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Default Re: Is Linux right for me?

Originally posted by Tom2588
I am thinking of changing from Windows to Linux to get rid of bugs, the only things I do on computer is:
Compile C++
Browse the Internet
Play Internet Games such as Wolfenstein, MOHAA etc.

Could I do all this on l0inux bug free?
Go here and judge by yourself:

Linux is not by far bug free, not any other piece of software available ANYWHERE on this planet. I could exclude here programs small enough like hello world (but is not such a sure thing - I saw myself bugs in these kind of progs ).

And I said "by far" because I feel that any OS out there could not be bug free. Is a statistical proven fact that the bigger the project, more errors occur.

What I CAN say is that linux is far more often patched and updated than any other OS.
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