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Default Re: Try oldconfig

Originally posted by whit
You might try "make oldconfig" and then if that goes okay do the "make dep". I don't use SUSE, and I haven't heard of "cloneconfig". "make oldconfig" is a standard way of reusing an older .config file with a newer kernel - but should have no problem recycling it for use with the same version again, either. Running "make menuconfig" and then just exiting and saving your "changes" (even if you haven't made any) will have the same effect of prepping things for the "make dep" stage.

oldconfig ?? get a grip with the present times...

make menuconfig

and use the "load from alternate file" option then exit with save.

do a

make dep

then continue with the provided commands in the tutorial.

PS: You should do a make clean before all of this in the dir where is the kern (usually /usr/src/your-liunx-source replace the bloded text with whatever is the case on your computer)
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