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Default Re: Yorkfield & Wolfdale Overclocking Thread

I have been running my cpu at 3.6 because if I tried to go higher I'd get Prime 95 or OCT bomb out after 10-15 minutes although Windows itself would be fine and any programs I ran seemed to be fine.
I finally found out my Gigabyte EP45T-UD3LR Motherboard doesn't like the memory multiplier at 3.0a or 2.66d in the bios for some reason. Everytime I use those 2 it bombs out in Prime 95 or OCT. I set the cpu to 3.8 448x8.5 and memory to 1433 (100mhz overclock) using the 3.20b multiplier and its been running Prime 95 for an hour now with a high temp so far of 58c and it's idling at about 37c. Woohoo! Next up is a try for 4.0 on the cpu

Anyone else with this motherboard have a problem with certainn multipliers?

Edit: Nevermind, it wouldn't pass OCCT with those settings. The vdroop wound up being the real problem. I set the load line calibration on in the bios and that stabilized my cpu voltage. Before I had it set at 1.26 and it would drop below 1.20, I even tried 1.3v and it would drop under 1.20 sometimes at load. After setting load line calibration on @ 1.25625 it stays about 1.23v @ idle and 1.22v under load. So far I have it clocked at 3.8ghz and it's passed OCCT Linpack test for 1 hour with a max temp of 71C, Prime 95 for an hour hit a high of 60C

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