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Default Trying to Get an DVI to HDMI output to look good on a GTS 250

I recently built a new system and I also got a DVI to HDMI converter with it.

I have a Sony HD TV that has a PC Input (D-sub) and a HDMI Input. When I use a DVI to D-Sub converter along with the respective cable I get an okay image on the 26" 720p TV screen, however when I use the HDMI line I can't seem to lock into a resolution that makes the text acceptable. Videos play beautifully when they are in a native aspect ratio but text and general use looks crummy.

I've even tried going into the NVIDIA control panel and forcing the TV's resolution to no luck.

The only useful thing I've found is dropping the refresh rate to 29 hz vs 60 makes a better image.

The card is a 250 GTS
The CPU is q9550
The OS is Vista Business 64 bit

Any Help be appreciated because I paid for this snazzy HDMI cable and converter that make a poorer signal than a cable that's 12 years old.
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