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Default Re: My Massive config Shootout *Long Thread is Long*

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
yours is pretty good but still lacking in some areas, notably the vegetation. note the two screenshots. One of yours, one of mine about half way through the optimization process. mine draws more vegetation and objects like rocks and stuff and has higher fps.

It also doesn't address any of the HDR eye adaptation settings so in low light or darkness, the world is near pitch black.
PS, the reason my eye adaptation settings dont work is because you have a custom TOD cfg. So of course it'll screw with those values.
Your TerrainAO fade dist is .1! That must look GREAT haha. Hows the shadow popup working for you (check the rocks, as you move closer, their self shadowing will pop in).

So I see that you increased LOD_ratio. I haven't messed with that very much. My goal was to make object and vegetation pop not noticeable, so I extended draw distance of main objects out a bit further. You have a 65 vegetation draw distance, which drops performance ~ 10% - 15%. That's not worth seeing those little shrubs at the top of the mountain to me. Other things I noticed: Your physics settings are totally unoptimized, and you will see a really nice FPS drop with those settings during explosions. I get nearly none. Your edge AA setting is at 1, which offers almost no real edge AA (1 is awful looking). 2 gives little drop and much nicer quality. Your particle settings are simpler, and you are missing some of the effects that mine includes (like shadows cast from weapon fire) which can really add to immersion IMO. Lol @ physics: p_num_bodies_large_group = 6w0 that isn't a returnable value.

My config actually draws MORE objects than yours does, as my draw distance is further out both for LOD objects (at 65 vs 60 for you) and object details (80 vs your 33), and my DetailDistance is 20% further. My cfg gives literally no pop-in (some v. minor fade in) and has enough vegetation draw distance that it beats out v.high cfg (which has almost no pop in). I'd wager I'll be getting something like 35fps on avg while you'd get ~ 30. I'd be interesting to bench a few scenes. The reason you are seeing fewer objects in my SS is because I for some reason have a 1 setting for vegetation min size. Check the remark in the EDIT: below.

Your AO is also using low quality settings, while mine uses the v.high quality settings. I turned AO radius down to 1.6 because beyond that it looks weird, introduces some artifacts. Your AO settings are basically what Crysis High cfg uses. So really, the only thing I see about your cfg is that you draw vegetation at a value of 65, which offers very little in draw improvements beyond the background which you don't notice at all during gameplay, increasing overhead, and you sacrifice quality in every other area.

I made a tradeoff for DOF level (1 in mine vs 2 in yours and v.high) because, 1. DOF 2 looks like crap and 2. it costs a bunch of frames (like 10%). For anyone that doesnt know, that's what blurs out the mountains in crysis. I was just in Vail, CO, and the mountains don't look blurry in real life. So yeah, your cfg draws more trees in the background, but mine does more of literally everything else.

I also draw more grass. BAM! In fact, 60% further out. You have e_vegetation_sprites_distance_ratio = 1 vs my e_vegetation_sprites_distance_ratio = 1.6 . V.high is 1.5.

EDIT: Change vegetation min size to 0. That's why you see more vegetation in yours. That'll fix it. Dunno why it came out like that, I use a 0 setting.

btw your shadow settings are lower quality than mine. You have more pop in. I have both a further out GSM draw disance, and more LOD steps so the LOD transitions aren't very noticeable. Took me a lot of work to get rid of any shadow draw distance issues without a noticeable hit.

I get a steady 35 - 45 fps, with average being ~ 38-40, so very playable. The lowest I've seen it drop was in the rice fields at night, when it'd go down to ~ 28, no other scene has gone nearly that low. With a single 285.
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