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Default Re: My Massive config Shootout *Long Thread is Long*

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
I'll have to go back and look at the terrain ao fade. I borrowed that from I think one of the early MSTR configs

edge aa is set at 2. I changed that a day or two after the topic was started here.

physics: p_num_bodies_large_group = 6w0 (No idea where that one came from ahahah.. probably from X cofig)

for vegetation draw distance, it draws objects as well and I didn't see much (if any) of a noticable drop in FPS.
Ah, I should check out the veg draw distance value out then. Hey, one other thing... I think the biggest problem with LOD settings is that character draw distance is somewhat tied to them. That and other "critical objects", like cars and a few other things (houses, etc). Those critical objects actually have their own seperate value. Check this out: e_view_dist_custom_ratio = 150

This is something on the order of 50% further out than V.high config, so when you "zoom in" with binoculars or scope, NOTHING pops in. It's pretty cool. you can see characters across the entire map on Onslaught & other large vistas.

r_TerrainAO_FadeDist = 12 helps as does

e_gsm_lods_num = 6
e_gsm_range = 4
e_gsm_range_step = 2

in order to kill any shadow pop in before the .8 shadow draw distance. the gsm OFFSET (this was previously incorrectly stated as range_stepvalue @ 2 makes global shadow casts @ a distance (like airplane casting shadow from sky) run at a lower than game refresh. To see an extreme example of this see the CryEngine 3 demos. This is a less noticeable version of that. It updates those global shadows slower, but it is very rarely noticeable, and does not bother me. It also saves about 4 fps @ ~38-42, so about 10-15%. It offsets some of the extra LOD tweaks. I changed my grass min size back to 0 and a lot more shrubbery (MONTY!) is being drawn.

Change all of your quality options to 4 (obj quality and particle quality). This will make a difference with explosions (some nicer effects; with regards to particle quality). I haven't seen a direct difference with obj quality = 4, but not drop either, and I'm sure it adds detail in some cases.


i_lighteffects = 1

give you dynamic muzzle flash, and the muzzle flash casts shadows now. looks really nice indoors.

I'd def recommend AO quality @ 2, and radius at at least 1.2-1.4. It gives a bit of a difference. To see it enter the console commands in a poorly lit room.

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