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Default Re: Vista Service Pack 2 does not appear in Winupdate because of nVidia driver "updat

Originally Posted by [EOCF] Tim View Post
Strange problem this,

Service Pack can be a bit funny with showing up in Windows Update, you usually need to have literally all the updates installed before it shows. But on my setup, there are two nVidia updates (which are outdated!) that need to be installed before SP2 shows.

I know this because I have had to install them before to get SP2 to show.

One of them is a networking controller driver update (from August 2008!) and the other a Forceware driver from April 2009, both horribly outdated.

Unless I install these, Service Pack 2 doesn't show. Why? I do not want to install them, I've got the latest nForce and Forceware drivers so I don't want outdated drivers which are pointless.

Google doesn't show any results on it either.

I suppose I will have to download it directly from the download center.

Anyway, if I was a noob, I shouldn't have to go through it manually should I?

The same thing happened with SP1. All you need to do is right click on the update and tell it to hide it. Once you do that it will ignore those updates and it should let you install the SP without having to install the optional components.
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