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Default Re: Trying to Get an DVI to HDMI output to look good on a GTS 250

I just got a response from Acer support about a question along these lines, which I posed about a different monitor of their's that I'm considering buying. Here was their answer:

Acer H243H bmid Monitor have three type of signal out - VGA, DVI (HDCP), HDMI
You can connect VGA - VGA, DVI - DVI, HDMI - HDMI ports.

You cannot connect DVI-HDMI port as both signal outputs are different. HDMI will carry audio as well as video signals.
This leaves me wondering if this is only true with Acer, because you did get it to work on your's...Even if not as desired. If this is generally not usable between video card and monitor, then it seems to me that DVI-HDMI cables are a ripofff, because I can't think of any other devices to connect to a monitor with them. Apparently, you also a a converter which is separate from the cable, which I'm not familiar with. Is it simply and adapter or something more?
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