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Default Need Help installing GTX295 Co-op Edition
see further details (what i have tried)
and where i'm at now :S
still not there :P

I have tried both the
from it gives a nvidia.ko error

and using opensuse 11.1 64Bit oneclick fail to load and gives a terminal no xserver. (startx fails) nvidia.ko error
KO all right...LOL

in the end to startx I have to default to crappy vesa drivers!! Noooo
Please can some linux guru or programmer help me?

I have the needed packages as checked.
unless there are more?

Please help me get this awesome card working in OpenSuse 11.1 64Bit
EVGA 790i SLI Ultra MOBO - 1010W OCZ PSU -
Q9550 Quad 2.83Ghz - 1333Mhz DDR3 -
EVGA GTX295 Co-op Edition (i.e. Dual GPU)
My Boot Selection
OpenSuse 11.1 Xen
OpenSuse 11.1 Default
Windows 7 RC
Windows XP
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