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Default Screen flicker (blank, black) with GeForce 9500GT with OpenGL Apps or nvidia-settings


When running OpenGL-Apps like "glxexcess" or games like "Nexiuz", "openarena" or "alienarena" my Club3D Geforce 9500 GT (CGNX-HG952YI) spontaneously blanks the whole screen (DVI) for ~ 1 sec.
This happens ~ 5 times per minute, without any correlation to mouse movement, keyboard events, network traffic or displayed scene complexity.
Sometimes noting happens for one or two minutes, sometimes the blanks "add up" to a black screen for several seconds. This happens at random...

This seems(!) to be the same blank which occurs when starting nvidia-settings the first time. With my old GF8600GT this blank occurred too - but never when running OpenGL apps.

The same (duration) blank occurs when switching the "Force Full GPU Scaling" options in nvidia-settings.

Things I tried so far:
* Everything with respect to Powermizer one can find in the web
* Kernel settings like SMP, ACPI, APIC, timers...
* Disabling onboard devices (network)
* the latest beta driver (190.18)
* 180.* drivers
* almost all xorg.conf options
* Fullscreen or windowed... no difference

No luck so far...

OpenGL-Apps without problems: Google Earth, glxgears, glxdemo

Interesting questions:
* What happens when nvidia-settings starts the first time? Why the blank?
* Could my problem be caused by a power supply problem?

Best regards,
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