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Default Serious problem! Computer that boots by itself!?

Yes, the subject says it all. It's very strange. I don't think my system specs are important, nor the drivers for my hardware. If it is off, it's off. If it's on, it's on. But this thing has been acting strange recently! This probelm showed up and since I browse the boards every-so-often, I thought I could get some help here. Anyways, here's my specs:

Windows XP Home Edition--Service Pack 1
2.0 GHz Northwood Pentium 4
845-D chipset
Geforce 4 Ti 4600
Sound Blaster Live!
80 GB 7200 RPM hard disk

Note that everything I have has the latest drivers. I have also just recently reformatted my computer to install Service Pack 1. What could be the culprit?

Yesterday night, I turned my PC off and sleep. As soon as I wake up, I see the power light. . . What in the world!? So I turn it off and head off to school. . . Only to discover when I come back that the thing is on again! Can anyone help? I am computer literate, but this is the single strangest case I have ever had!

Note: I do not believe the problem to be the BIOS, as it didn't create any problems until just several days ago. I don't believe drivers are the culprit, as something that is off cannot read drivers. Besides, I already installed the latest drivers already for all my hardware. I don't believe the OS is responsible, because as OS that isn't running can't cause problems on a computer that isn't running. . . Again, I just recently did a clean install just for Service Pack 1.

Windows XP
2.0 Ghz Northwood Pentium 4
512 MB DDR266
GeForce 4 Ti 4600
Sound Blaster Live!
80 GB 7200 RPM
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