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Default Re: WMP12 - what have they done

With WMP11, the window could be set to a certain size. I have a 1920x1200 panel, so I set it to fill a good portion of the screen. This would do two things: 1. Video files would open to the size of the player window, and 2. MP3s would run in a minimal mode suitable for audio. This was actually somewhat broken going from 10 to 11 as it stopped understanding when to be a full window and when to be minimal controls, but it still was functional.

With WMP12, all window sizing has been "forgotten." WMP12 now opens to the size of the video, regardless of the video's dimensions. On a 1920x1200 screen, this means most non-HD videos open as a postage stamp. There *is* a workaround however, using CTRL to resize the window will "lock" it in that size. Unfortunately the player will open ALL media in this size, including music, so a music file opens as a black video screen.

This matches the "one size fits all" nature of the Windows 7 windowing system itself, which has concluded that a window with 10 things in it should be the same size as one with 400 things. Great job Microsoft.
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